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My final piece for our Access to HE Art & Design exhibition. The theme was ‘Metamophosis’. My piece was about plastic pollution in our oceans and rivers.

I used lino print, collage, rust, fabric, plastic bags, tissue paper, embroidery and graphite drawings on a 6ft piece of canvas. The use of plastic bags created a thin delicate-looking layer but was used to get across the reality of how our actions affect the Earth.

The lower half of the piece represents the lower layers of earth and fossilised remains of life. The upper layer illustrated the living fish in the sea, which is where I stitched the plastic bags onto the canvas. The number of fish decreases further up the canvas to emphasise the loss of species caused by careless human activity.

I chose the image of the coelacanth, since this is the most ancient fish on our planet. It reminds us that fish were on the Earth long before human inhabitance.