Natural History Museum

Today I visited the Natural History Museum, Oxford.

(left) The building from the outside.

I sketched the skeletons, which was surprisingly relaxing.

Whales and dolphins ‘swimming through the air’
Cain and Abel by Damien Hirst
Crocodile skeleton
6B pencil sketch of elephant skeleton
Kangaroo skeleton
6B pencil sketch of polar bear skull
Fine liner pen sketch of Hippopotamus skull
My favourite thing in the museum, the squirrel monkey
Beluga (White) whale

Online life drawing 13-12-21

Fallen Angel

After a busy few months, I finally had the opportunity to relax. Something I found relaxing at the start of the pandemic was drawing and particularly the evening life drawing sessions run by All The Young Nudes.

Last night we were treated with the festive ‘fallen angel’ to draw, alongside a Christmas themed playlist. I first needed the warm-up poses to get the feel for drawing back:

In an ‘atyn’ session, I like to grab all the drawing materials I can carry and a range of paper sizes. This might be because I get bored with the same size and pencil. But I would also say some poses inspire a softer or bolder material.

I don’t aim for perfection, but for something fun and energetic.

blind continuous line drawing, A3

blue watercolour pencil, A5

teal watercolour pencil, A4
fine liner pen, A3

The 2 pencil drawings below were actually my favourite from the session, despite the fact that I wouldn’t normally go for a pencil. I think I will next time.

pencil sketch
pencil sketch
continuous line drawing of their dog