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Mapping can be (re)conceptualized ‘as a suite of cultural practices involving action and affects. This kind of approach reflects a philosophical shift towards performance and mobility and away from essence and material stability’

Kitchen, Perkins and Dodge, Rethinking Maps

In Atlas of Emotion, Bruno discusses how the medium of film can be used to map the self. She also talks about how moving image could prompt understanding of the ways we might map spaces in film and an understanding of our engagement with landscapes.

Sohei Nishino

At the Tokyo exhibition in the Ashmolean museum last summer, I remember seeing artwork by this artist.

His collages are made in the photomontage style of David Hockney, but are laid out to be accurate and readable as a map. These maps, that he calls diorama maps, are made up of thousands of photos taken around a chosen city.

Jerusalem The JOURNAL by Sohei Nishino
Place: a short introduction by Tim Cresswell
Mapping Cultures: place, practice, performance Edited by Les Roberts
Iain Sinclair
Edinburgh Royal Infirmary as seen from 1850 and overlaid on a Google map of the present building site
Mental maps

Hauntology- the past being present around us

Hauntology (a portmanteau of haunting and ontology) is a concept referring to the return or persistence of elements from the past, as in the manner of a ghost.

Hauntology – Wikipedia
What is hauntology? And why is it all around us? – BBC Ideas

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